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Newsletter — June 2021

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Greetings in the blessed name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and God! We have been so blessed by the Lord and continue to give thanks to Him for His unending kindness and mercy. Our family is doing well as the Lord continues to preserve our lives.

Jeremy just completed his fourth semester at Westminster and we are excited!!!  Even with classes remaining online this past semester, the campus was open and Jeremy was able to meet with professors in person and had full use of the library. His classes this past semester consisted of Church Leadership, Counseling, Preaching, New Testament, Old Testament, Doctrine of Salvation, Church History, and Apologetics. I’m extremely thankful for how hard Jeremy works at all his studies. We were also blessed beyond measure as professors have invested themselves into our lives. They have gone beyond simply grading or critiquing a sermon, but rather giving life-changing insight to help Jeremy in his ministry. We are so grateful to God, knowing this is from His hand.

As the Lord uses good for His pleasure in us, He also uses trials. There were two trials God used to show Himself mighty and good this past semester. Through the first trial, we were used by God to comfort others with the same comfort which He graciously granted to us. I’m thankful for a husband who loves the Lord and His Word and is zealous for the truth and the Lord’s sheep. I was blessed beyond measure to watch him as he sought counsel and ministered to others. We have continued to see the Lord at work and know it is all His grace. Later in the semester, our entire family got Covid. The children’s symptoms were all mild and didn’t last long. Jeremy was most affected by the virus, as he has asthma. Fatigue and brain fog lasted for nearly a month, which as you could imagine isn’t great for needing to complete the semester. To be honest, the situation had begun to look impossible. Through this, we were reminded of the Lord’s strength through our weaknesses. He showed Himself strong as my husband completed his course work on time and with excellent grades. It is not to us but to Him be all glory and praise, as He makes His power known in our weakness.

The kids are all doing so well. They love playing together, creating, making-believing, and being outside. There are so many amazing parks around our area and we enjoy lots of playdates outside. We also finished our first year of homeschooling!  Aletheia finished Kindergarten and JJ completed Preschool. We started each morning with Bible School and involved all the kids in learning God’s Word together. Then in the afternoon, I focused on English and Math with Aletheia and JJ, while the two littles napped. In addition, we work on our schooling from Classical conversations. We are so thankful for the wonderful community we have through our local group. In addition to these blessings, Nana came to visit us for 11 whole days. It was a blessing beyond measure to spend so much time with my mom as she loved on each of us and served us all day long.

The past semester, I’ve been especially thankful for the friendships and older women of the faith who continue to pour their lives into me. I’ve so enjoyed women's Bible studies and our weekly homegroup. They have encouraged me and prayed with me. I’m so thankful to Him.

After Jeremy finished finals, we headed to Florida for a family vacation. We loved staying with our Uncle Ken and Auntie Rachie; they took such good care of us and made a wonderful vacation possible. My parents also joined us! We all had a wonderful time, enjoying the beach, relaxing, going to parks, and visiting the air force base.

Thank you for loving on our family, for faithfully supporting us in prayer, and for generously giving to us. The Lord is using you to make our time at Seminary, our time of growing in the love and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, possible. Thank you.

The Lord is good in all His ways!  May we continue to honor His name.