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From CCEF: When Life Feels Disconnected from Faith

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In this article, Lauren Whitman discusses the experience of feeling a disconnect between what one believes and what one experiences. She describes this as a common experience for Christians, one that can be normalised by understanding that we are not yet in our final destination, and that this is a form of suffering. The author then goes on to suggest ways in which we can minister to someone who is experiencing this disconnect, by providing orientation, reassurance, encouragement and hope.
Here is a brief excerpt from this article:

Have you ever felt a disconnect between what you believe and what you experience? I was speaking to someone recently who was wrestling with that disconnect. She was in a season of suffering and said something along the lines of, “I am reading the Bible every day. It’s where I’m turning. But when I come across promises of his presence and his peace, it’s so frustrating. That’s not my experience at all—just the opposite. God seems silent. Why don’t his promises touch down in the places I really need them to?” 

My counselee’s experience is a common one. Sometimes it’s referred to as the distance between our head and our heart: we...

You can read the full article here