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From CCEF: Then Comes the Breaking

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The author describes the grief process and how it can be set off by seemingly small things. They talk about how, even when you think you've moved on, something can happen to trigger the pain again. They explain that this is a natural part of the process and not something to be ashamed of. They talk about how important it is to have people in your life who can understand and support you through this.
Here is a brief excerpt from this article:

It was my first day back at work, and as I sat at my desk I tried my best to get back into the mode of responding to emails and updating myself on what had happened over the past two weeks. I was determined to have some semblance of a normal day. The prior three months had been filled with so much torture and grief. It began with the news that I was pregnant and that my hidden thyroid problems might cause complications. It ended with the news that they could no longer hear our baby’s heartbeat, and then, a miscarriage. I had spent time mourning, reversing the anticipation of carrying this little one to term and becoming parents to a newbor...

You can read the full article here