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From CCEF: God’s Ministry to the Disappointing

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Laura Andrews describes her own personal struggles with disappointment and how she has coped with it in the past. She recounts how, in times of disappointment, she has often gone to one of three places in her mind: thinking about where she went wrong and how to avoid similar situations in the future, getting angry with the person she feels has wronged her, or trying to distract themselves from the hurt. However, Andrews has found that these coping mechanisms are not effective in the long run and often just serve to aggravate the situation.

Andrews goes on to describe how God has been ministering to her in her times of disappointment. God has been reminding her of her own limitations and that she is not enough to please everyone. At the same time, God has been reassuring her that He is more than enough and that He is always there to help. Andrews has also found that God has been prompting her to take specific steps in her relationships, such as seeking more understanding, engaging in conversation, or waiting for the right time to speak.

Through all of this, Andrews has come to appreciate how God uses disappointment to minister to her in ways that she would not have otherwise experienced. She has found that God is often using disappointment to generate humility and compassion in her.

Here is a brief excerpt from this article:

I loathe disappointment.

I really don’t like being disappointed, but I’m a thousand times more averse to causing disappointment in others. The worst is when it hits me by surprise. When this happens, my inner world can come to a halt, and I can easily become fixated on it, analyzing what happened and how to address it.

My (Inadequate) Ministry to Myself

Here are some of the places I tend to go when I find I’ve hurt someone or let them down.

Where did I mess up, and how can I avoid doing it again? I start with assuming failure on my part and begin to retrace my steps...

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