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From CCEF: Community: A Struggle to Fit

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Many people in the church feel like they are excluded or don't fit in. This is because people tend to gravitate towards others who are similar to them in life stage, political preference, etc. However, God wants us to build a community that includes people who are different from us. This can be difficult, but it is worth it because it brings glory to God and benefits the community as a whole. We need to be willing to be changed ourselves in order to make room for others. When we do this, we will see God at work in building His community.
Here is a brief excerpt from this article:

When it comes to community in the church, many people feel like onlookers. For many, deep fellowship seems far off. Some feel excluded because they “do not fit in,” and others are unsure how to engage. 

In the church of Jesus, this should not be. All believers should feel welcome and invited to be an active part of its fellowship. But in truth, we tend to herd together in groups based on similarities like being married or single, our children’s ages, our life stages, political preferences, or professional positions. We feel more comfortable around people like us. (What does your small group look like?) 

God wa...

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