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Don't Be Afraid to Call it a Sacrament

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Often times I've heard Christians take issue with calling baptism or communion, "sacraments". 

Typically, this is due to having had a prior Roman Catholic background and hearing the word "sacrament" can definitely bring up some negative memories. 

I can understand that if someone has prior experience with a word that had a negative connotation that it would be hard to use that word in a worship setting. After all, worship is precisely the opposite experience of a bad one.

But it's important to stop and recognize that there are certain words that should be used. "Sacrament" is one of them. The rich meaning of the word that was used the Latin Vulgate for 1,100 years of Church history shouldn't be abandoned.

The meaning of the word is beneficial for understanding what baptism and communion are for the Christian. The word meant either the duty that you've sworn to an officer. It also meant the downpayment in a transaction that was the promise of future payment. 

Thus understanding the term, "sacrament", helps us to understand what we're doing in these sacraments. We are affirming our commitment to Christ and we are reminding ourselves that He will totally and finally save us into eternity with Him. 

Just some, "food", for thought.